What to look for in a stallion prospect

The key things to look for in a stallion prospect are

  • Outstanding pedigree
  • Success on the track
    • 2yr old performance / success
  • Fertility
  • Are you likely to want to send your mare to this stallion for three years, or is it likely that you will be able to sell your nomination/s?
  • What type of mares will he attract? The quality of mares is vital, without good mares, the chance of producing great types is obviously significantly reduced.
  • Is the proposed service fee appropriate?
  • Does the proposed stud have a reputation for being able to market stallions effectively? Good stallion marketing is vital to the commercial success of a stallion.
  • Do the stallion syndicators have a good reputation and management system?

Keep in mind that you will also incur your proportion of the stallion’s upkeep, including veterinary expenses, marketing and advertising costs and possible travel expenses.