Perfect Vision Laser Correction

Perfect Vision Laser CorrectionEveryone in the industry, from jockeys to simply spectators need a good eyesight. Our partners at Perfect Vision make sure of that.

Perfect Vision Laser Correction can provide freedom from a range of eye conditions – from short and long sightedness to astigmatism and cataracts.

You need only one consultation at Perfect Vision Laser Correction to determine your best option in vision correction.

A team of specialists with proven success in vision correction

Perfect Vision Laser Correction’s team of specialists and professionals have proven success in vision correction. The principal surgeon, Dr Con Moshegov, is among Australia’s most highly respected and trusted experts in his field.

A specialist LASIK and cataract surgeon, Dr Moshegov has had widespread experience in cataract and laser surgery since 1994 and is a sought-after professional in his field.

The most advanced vision correction technology in Australia

Perfect Vision Laser Correction
Perfect Vision Laser Correction owns and uses Australia’s first VISX StarS4™ Excimer Laser during LASIK and other refractive procedures.

The VISX system is the only laser system in the world with the ability to track your eye movements during the procedure in all three dimensions, resulting in a faster, more accurate procedure.

Lifetime premium postoperative care service

The Perfect Vision Laser Correction commitment to patients extends to a lifetime premium postoperative care service.

Regardless of when your procedure was performed by Perfect Vision Laser Correction, you will have the option of returning to one of their centres for further attention to any concerns you have regarding your vision.

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