Second positive sample for Benelli

Racing Victoria Limited (RVL) says the Bevan and Richard Laming-trained Benelli has returned a second blood sample positive to the prohibited blood-boosting drug EPO.

HFL Sports Science in the United Kingdom has confirmed the presence of the synthetic EPO darbepoetin alfa in the referee blood sample taken from Benelli on July 2 as part of the out-of-competition testing regime being conducted by RVL stewards.
Blood samples taken from Benelli and stablemate War Dancer on June 11 as part of the out-of-competition testing had been confirmed as positive to EPO by HFL Sports Science on August 14.
Both Bevan and Richard Laming have been advised of the latest findings.
Acting on veterinary advice and under the provisions of Australian Rule of Racing 50, RVL stewards have ruled that Benelli and War Dancer will not be eligible to race, trial or train on a racecourse until January 17.
That is a period of 170 days from July 31 which was the date that Laming Racing was notified of the initial positive findings regarding the presence of synthetic EPO in Benelli and War Dancer from blood samples collected on June 11.
RVL stewards are continuing their investigation into the analysts’ findings.