No more half-wins in Victoria

No more half-wins in VictoriaRacing Victoria has done away with the old method of awarding trainers and jockeys half-wins when involved in dead-heats for first. The Victorian controlling body has decided to score dead-heats as full wins on the trainer and jockey’s premiership tables.

The change brings the premiership tables into line with the recognition of dead-heats in horse form, handicapping as well as the calculation of apprentice riding claims in Victoria.

Meanwhile, a change to national policy now requires trainers to report any significant veterinary issues prior to their runners returning to racing.

The Australian Racing Board has altered ARR 140 to require “trainers report to stewards any surgical procedures, ailments, conditions or illnesses that a horse has incurred since its last start or prior to racing that may positively or negatively affect its performance.”

The National Chairman of Stewards Conference adopted the recommendation of the National Equine Integrity & Welfare Advisory Group to ensure “punters are appropriately informed about a horse’s preparation.”