Nikolic fined $200 for mouthful of beer

In what could be described as a storm in a teacup, Danny Nikolic was fined $200 for rinsing his mouth with a mouthful of beer behind the barrier at a Ballarat race meeting late last month.

Nikolic’s mount, the Lee Freedman-trained Kookaburras was withdrawn by stewards from the Three-Year-Old Maiden Plate (1200m) as a result of a report from starter Paul Didham who witnessed Nikolic take a mouthful from the beer can on September 29.

Nikolic dismounted Kookaburras behind the barrier as the colt had to be re-shod after casting a plate.

Stewards established at the inquiry that the jockey went to the open boot of a vehicle located some distance from the barriers and opened an esky which contained several unopened cans of VB on ice.

He removed one can, opened it and took a mouthful of beer, rinsed his mouth out and then spat it out.

It was later established water was available to all riders at all relevant times upon request.