Makybe Diva/Boss record hard to beat

Glen Boss finds it hard to explain to his jockey mates what it’s like to win a Melbourne Cup, let alone three of them.

The best he can do is tell them they’ll understand when they win.

“I say well it’s one of those things that you don’t quite get until you win one. And when they do win one they get it, they understand what you’re saying.”

Boss is in the enviable position of being the only jockey to have won the Cup three times in a row, in 2003, 2004 and 2005.

That was on legendary mare Makybe Diva, the only horse to have won three times.

“To think, we both did something which possibly will never ever be done again,” Boss told AAP.

“A hundred years from now when I’m dead and buried there still mightn’t be a horse that can do that, it’s pretty big.”

Like other jockeys, he describes the initial reaction to winning a Melbourne Cup as one of relief.

“When you ride your first one it’s an absolute relief to get that one out the way because you want to win one like no other race and it’s obviously all the emotion that comes with it.”

And once you do win you want to do it “again and again and again”.

“There’s so many factors that come into play, right place at the right time, right conditions, the right horse,” Boss said.

“Logistically it’s very tough to win one so when you win one it’s very precious and special so you probably don’t quite grasp it, until you actually do it, how important it is.

“Obviously when you do it you want to try to get there again. It’s pretty good.”

Boss, who has ridden in 10 Cups, says the build-up to the running of the 150th Melbourne Cup is unlike anything he’s seen for any race.

“Obviously it’s a huge event, 150, but it’s gone way beyond what I would have thought. The build-up has been so big.

“Once game day comes it’s going to be huge.”