Jockey cam could become the norm

Jockey cam could become the normTwo university students in the US have developed “a first person-perspective of the racing action” by attaching cameras to jockeys’ helmets during a race. David P. Matt and Kenleigh Hobby, two seniors enrolled in the University of Arizona’s Race Track Industry Program, developed the EquiSight-GoPro camera system that was due to be used in last Thursday’s Colonial Downs program.

The pair developed the concept at the Arizona Centre for Innovation and claim the camera will “enhance the viewership of the sport to its fans and racing officials.”

“Video presentation of horse racing has been unsuccessful in captivating audiences, especially when compared to other mainstream sports,” a statement from EquiSight said.

“It is a two-dimensional experience, reminiscent of the binocular era that fails to use technology to improve the fan’s connection. By allowing viewers to ‘ride the race’ from the jockey’s point of view, people will be able to feel the speed, beauty, and intensity that is the sport of kings.

“The goal of EquiSight is to give fans a real-time ‘virtual presence,’ allowing horse racing fans to ride along in the Kentucky Derby (G1) from the comfort of their couch.”