Aushorse and Sky form partnership

Aushorse and Sky Racing have announced a partnership to showcase Australian thoroughbreds to an international television audience.

sky racing As part of the partnership, Sky Racing will produce a 30-minute television program for Aushorse that will be exported and broadcast on a monthly basis, initially in Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand and South Africa.
The program, Australian Thoroughbreds, will promote the deeds of Australian-bred thoroughbreds and build awareness about the benefits of buying horses here.
The content of Australian Thoroughbreds will be unique to each market and will highlight the winning results of Australian-bred racehorses competing in that jurisdiction as well as other stories highlighting Australian successes around the world.
The first episode will be aired in Singapore on Thursday.
"Aushorse is delighted to be forming this alliance with Sky Racing." Aushorse chief executive Peter McGauran said.
"Sky showcases thoroughbred racing to a domestic and a growing international audience and through its coverage plays an essential role in promoting the Australian-bred thoroughbred,"
"Australian-bred racehorses have a world-class reputation. Thirty-six of the 287 highest rated horses in the world were bred in Australia and through Australian Thoroughbreds we will be able to highlight the success of our gallopers to a greater audience."