Munce granted Australian Jockey's license

Publicly disgraced Australian jockey Chris Munce was yesterday granted a conditional NSW Jockey’s License, and planned to recommence trackwork at Randwick today.

Munce was recently released from prison after serving a sentence for involvement in the infamous tips-for-bets scandal whilst riding in Hong Kong during 2006.

Hoping to put the past well and truly behind him, Munce has been concentrating on spending time with his family and piecing back his career in the saddle.

After supplying the necessary documentation to Racing NSW stewards, Munce was granted a Jockey’s license which holds the additional conditions including;

a. that Jockey Munce make himself available to the Hong Kong Jockey Club with respect to the Steward’s inquiry that commenced on Monday, 3rd November 2008, and comply with any commitment given by him in respect to such inquiry or investigation;

b. that Mr Munce comply with any and all conditions or directions issued by or that may be issued by the NSW Corrective Services Department or other relevant disciplinary authority that form part of his custodial sentence for involvement in a “tips-for-bets” arrangement when licensed as a Jockey and riding in Hong Kong in 2006.

Failure to comply with these conditions could result in an immediate revoke of the license, but Munce has assured stewards that he will comply completely with the afore mentioned conditions.

Kristen Buchanan