Our Focus

At, stallions are our business.

We are a company that is dedicated to the Australian Thoroughbred Industry, with a particular focus on; Brokering Stallion deals.

Our Focus
  • Identifying stallion prospects
  • Identifying prospective studs / investors

Co-management of stallions with major studs

  • Stallion Marketing
  • Stallion Nomination sales
  • Stallion Share sales’s approach to stallion sales and marketing has proven to be very successful because we provide a unique professional service; no other company in Australia has our depth of knowledge and industry expertise when it comes to all aspects of stallion sales and marketing, and here’s why;

  • 1)  We have an in-depth understanding of all aspects of stallion brokerage because we have been       involved in stallion deal’s from every perspective; as buyer, seller, and broker.

  • 2) We have an expansive network of breeders and successful businessmen and women looking to invest in stallion shares and related ventures.

  • 3)  Our research team analyses a number of horses every day, searching for the best stallion prospects to get involved with.

After all, Stallions are our focus and we take each horse very seriously.

Our Focus