NSW Hendra update

 NSW Hendra updateHendra virus has been confirmed as the cause of horse deaths on the NSW north coast – two on one property near Wollongbar and single horse deaths on properties near Macksville and Lismore.

Following a decontamination period – and in line with state government policies and procedures – the quarantine has been lifted at the Wollongbar property. Any virus excreted by the infected horse is now dead and no longer poses a risk of infection.

The Lismore and Macksville properties remain quarantined. Horse movements on and off these properties are not permitted.

Under the quarantine and testing procedures, horses that had close contact with an infected horse are tested three times for Hendra.

An initial test is carried out as soon as practical and subsequent tests are carried out 16 and 32 days following the last contact with the infected horse. The quarantine is only lifted when it is safe to do so and when authorities are confident the property poses no risk.

Since the recent outbreak in NSW:
  • Three properties have been tested positive for the Hendra virus.
  • A total of 76 properties have been confirmed as negative for the Hendra virus, with further confirmatory antibody testing still underway on some properties.
  • Awaiting results for five samples.

If you are concerned that your horse has Hendra virus, keep everyone away from the horse and contact your private veterinarian.

They will assess the horse and notify authorities if they suspect the horse is infected. If your vet is unavailable and the horse is deteriorating rapidly, please phone the emergency animal disease hotline on 1800 675 888 .