McDonald horses return positive swabs

Four positive swabs have been returned by three recent winners from Clinton McDonald’s Caulfield stables, Racing Victoria has announced.

clintonMcdonald -trainer The results were received on Tuesday in a report from Racing Analytical Services Limited (RASL).
Post-race urine samples were taken from the McDonald runners – Mr Crane, Carleton and Shabtis in November.
The four samples were each shown to contain free and conjugated 3-Methoxytyramine at a concentration in excess of 4.0g/ml, therefore making it a prohibited substance in accordance with the Australian Rules of Racing.
3-Methoxytyramine is a by-product of dopamine which is a substance produced in the brain and exerts effects on the nervous system.
Mr Crane tested positive twice after samples were taken from him after wins at Echuca on November 3 and Seymour 16 days later.
Carleton provided a sample after his win at Echuca on November 3 as did Shabtis who won at Seymour on November 19.
Racing Victoria said McDonald was initially informed of the irregularities from Mr Crane and Carleton at Echuca on December 4 and from Shabtis and Mr Crane at Seymour on December 10.
McDonald was advised of RASL’s confirmatory findings on Tuesday and that RVL stewards were continuing their investigation.