Dwarf race jockey says he can fight his own battles

A dwarf has defended his right to participate in Racing Victoria’s ‘Midget’s Cup’ last weekend which was criticised by Premier John Brumby.

dwarf cup Entertainer Jeremy Hallam said last Sunday’s event at the Cranbourne racetrack, in Melbourne’s south, was supposed to be "good fun".
"I didn’t know there was going to be quite as big an uproar. I think there was nothing wrong with it, it was all in good fun," he told Fairfax Radio.
"The people were involved, it was just for a bit of a laugh, and a bit of entertainment, which is what we were there for. It wasn’t too over the top (and) I didn’t see it as degrading."
Racing Minister Rob Hulls said Racing Victoria had backed the wrong horse by staging the event, which involved short-statured people being carried on the backs of punters and racing 50 metres down the straight to the winning post.
However, Mr Hallam said he and the other dwarfs involved could fight their own battles.
"The best people to go into fight for that battle are the ones who are involved which I guess are dwarfs like myself," he said.
"We were all told about the gig we were doing in the first place, we could have said yes or no and put our objections up, but we were all fine with it because we are entertainers.
"We’ve done a lot of work like this before, so that’s why we went along with it. It was handled very professionally.
"Everyone’s got their different sets of humours, some people find things funny, where others don’t, each to their own in that aspect I guess."
Mr Hallam, 25, attracted publicity last year after photos of him pouring drinks down patrons’ throats at a bar in St Kilda sparked outrage and he has also appeared on television on The Footy Show.
He said he is in the process of starting his own business that will hire out dwarfs as entertainers.