Cropp cops drug conviction

Top jockey Lisa Cropp faces a possible 12 months’ ban and a $NZ10,000 fine after thoroughbred racing’s Judicial Control Authority found her guilty of taking illegal drugs after four years of legal argument.

Lisa Cropp The case related to races at Te Rapa where Cropp was drug tested in 2005, with the urine samples coming up positive for methamphetamine and amphetamine.
Methamphetamine is a class A restricted drug that is banned in racing for reasons of safety rather than performance enhancement.
Cropp was charged with breaching the rules of racing but has fought the case through the courts for four years.
In a written decision released on Thursday, the authority found the charges proven.
In June last year Cropp’s appeal to the Supreme Court was dismissed.
She had appealed the legality of her failed drug test and argued it infringed her human rights.
The court unanimously dismissed the appeal and ordered her to pay $NZ15,000 in costs.
It said the drug test was legal under the Racing Act and did not infringe Cropp’s human rights.
The judicial committee that heard the case said that the evidence against her met the "exacting and high standard of proof" required because of the serious nature of the charges and the inevitable effects on conviction upon Cropp’s reputation and livelihood.
While the case against her was sidelined, Cropp won races worth almost $NZ8 million, broke the record for the number of winning rides in a season and won the jockeys’ premiership three times.
The authority said that within the next week a telephone conference should be held to set a date to determine penalty and costs.
Cropp’s career has been hindered by injury since late last year.
She broke a leg in a race fall last November and made a comeback in January.
But her return was shortlived when she injured a shoulder in another fall requiring surgery.