Bloodstock Leasing

Ever wanted to become a part of the exciting world of Horse Racing? To share in the thrills and benefits of being an owner on raceday?

You should consider taking part in a lease syndicate with NSW’s only accredited and approved racehorse leasing agent, leasing.

Why Lease a Share in a Racehorse?

Bloodstock ownership can be an expensive exercise at the best of times.

Purchasing a quality racing prospect can cost several hundred thousand dollars, and offers no guarantee of a return on your investment.

Leasing enables you to:

Experience the thrill of your own horse entering the home straight, without the traditional start up costs of ownership.
Be privy to trainer and jockey reports that are only available to the ‘inner circle’ of racehorse owners.
Follow your own horses’ form and progress on a weekly basis.
Fun filled race day attendances with like minded people – even better, get a group of friends involved and race a horse together!
The ability to apply through your syndicate pool for membership privileges including free entry to racedays and entry to exclusive areas on course.
Tour packages to attend racedays with full membership benefits, accomodation and transport can be organised through our membership centre.
Entry to the winner’s circle and stewards rooms should your horse win, and of course the financial rewards of having shares in a winning horse!

All experiences not to be missed, and only available to a privileged few.

Leasing provides an attractive option for those wanting to experience all the excitement of racing, without the massive overheads associated with purchasing a serious racing prospect.

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What Does Leasing Cost?

Leasing should be simple and enjoyable, leaving you to sit back and enjoy the experience of being part of a team with years of experience in the racing industry.

By Choosing to lease a horse you avoid the outright purchase costs of buying, potentially saving tens of thousand’s of dollars. Traditional syndicates still require you to pay a percentage of the purchase cost plus the ongoing expenses of day to day horse ownership.

Ongoing expenses associated with preparing a horse for racing and maintaining them throughout their racing career include;

Breaking in
Normal vet services
Jockey fees (other than prizemoney percentages)
Race club fees
gear, colours and all management and communication to the syndicate

To make things simpler for you, Leasing has combined the overheads of horse ownership into one simple fee of $300 per month.

Abnormal charges such as non-routine veterinary expenses, interstate travel and Race club fees for cup days would incur additional charges and may be taken from prize pools.

Prize money payouts are made to the syndicate at the end of each month, following prize money being paid by the race club.

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